台灣時間明天凌晨一點,又有個勁爆的MacWorld要來了,這次據說Steve Jobs會宣佈第一台改用Intel處理器的Mac。
之前也有傳言說Mac mini會是第一台Intel Inside的電腦,但我倒比較想要看到變輕變薄Intel ibook….。
就讓我們拭目以待吧 😀

4 thoughts on “MacWorld

  1. From Steve Job’s keynote at MacWorld


    “There is one more thing,” Jobs said.

    He then showed off the MacBook Pro, an Intel-based laptop that Jobs said is four to five times faster than the Powerbook G4.

    “These things are screamers,” Jobs said.

    The new laptop also has Apple’s Front Row technology for viewing photos and movies and listening to music via remote control. It’s also a hair thinner than the PowerBook G4 and has a built-in iSight Web camera, Jobs said.

    The 1.67GHz model will sell for $1,999 and includes 512MB of memory an an 80GB hard drive as well as a drive that can burn both DVDs and CDs. The $2,499 model will include more memory and a faster processor. The MacBook pro laptops will ship in February with orders being taken starting today.

    “For those of you that ever carried a PowerBook with an iSight camera, this is heaven.”

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