AT&T iPhone 3G電話費原來是可以打折的!

因為再一個月就要去美國了,最近一直在肖想要入手iPhone 3G,就四處注意iPhone的消息。


但同時也看到一個壞消息:AT&T在校園附近的收訊還蠻糟糕的,即使是3G也沒好到哪…………………….!#@*$&[email protected]#$&[email protected]%&[email protected]#($


4 thoughts on “AT&T iPhone 3G電話費原來是可以打折的!

  1. Hello vgod,

    (Srry, can’t type Chinese at my office) If you want to get an iPhone 3G with new signed plan, I think they won’t give you any discount on your plan. When I went to Apple store, first thing they mentioned is that any discount plan would not eligible for upgrading to an iPhone. I actually talked to AT&T customer service representative on this when I want to get an iPhone 1st gen several months ago. That’s part of the reason why I choose to sign up a new line and pay an Early Termination Fee in 3 days to cancel that line and keep the phone. BTW, AT&T really sucks, my phone switches to EDGE more often than 3G…


  2. Hi Vince,

  3. 哈,拍寫,沒有連進去網頁看仔細,原來是MIT與AT&T合作的方案,這樣就說得通了。我已經開始期待在App Store看到學長的作品了 XD

  4. 在MIT 好像大部分人都用verizon
    MIT 學生電話費九折

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